Upload Data

This page enables you to provide data to the Spatial Hub for future incorporation in national datasets. You need to register for a user account and password to be able to do this.

Once logged in, you’ll see a list of all Spatial Hub datasets we are collecting below. On each dataset page you’ll find:

  • a brief description of what is being collectd and why
  • your organisation’s previously uploaded resources – including a QA (Quality Assurance) link which takes you to a dashboard showing how your previously provided data could be improved
  • the ‘+ Add new resource’ button.

Clicking the Add new resource button takes you to a new page where you can either:

  1. ‘Upload’ a zip folder (<125MB) containing your dataset (most formats are acceptable but avoid propriety formats which require licenses) or
  2. provide a URL ‘Link’ to a Web Feature Service containing your data (a layer drop down will appear enabling you to select which layer you want to provide).

We also ask for a few brief details about you and the data you are providing. Once you click ‘AGREE TO TERMS & CONDITIONS AND CONTRIBUTE DATA‘ your dataset or link will be loaded into the Spatial Hub ready for processing.

Note. Please send data files >125MB to spatialhub@improvementservice.org.uk for manual upload.