What is the Spatial Hub?

The Spatial Hub is a cloud-hosted data infrastructure with a user friendly web portal for the upload, download and consumption of Scottish spatial data. Individual local and national park authorities upload spatial data to the Spatial Hub, which is then standardised, merged together and published (using mostly open source technologies) to create national datasets. This can save local authorities a great deal of time, money and effort in developing their own portals to publish data for their EU INSPIRE directive obligations. Additionally, it provides full and up-to-date national dataset for various public bodies in Scotland, as well as potentially diverting FOI requests away from local authorities.


All Scottish public bodies (under the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement) have free access to the Spatial Hub.

The Spatial Hub datasets can also be accessed by the academic community via EDINA‘s Digimap service.  In time, the data should become available to the wider data community also.

Behind the scenes of the Spatial Hub