Upload Data

Data custodians or providers of spatial data for any of Scotland's local or national park authorities can register for an account that enables them to provide data to the Spatial Hub. 

Once logged in, only the datasets that you can contribute to will be available. On each dataset page you'll find:

  • details of your organisation's previously provided data
  • the '+ Add new resource' button.

The Add new resource button then allows either:

  1. 'Upload' a zip folder (<100MB) containing your dataset or
  2. 'Link' to a Web Feature Service containing your up-to-date data. 

There are also boxes to provide brief details about the data you are providing.

Once you click 'AGREE TO TERMS & CONDITIONS AND CONTRIBUTE DATA' your dataset or link will be loaded into the Spatial Hub ready for processing.

Note. Please send data files >100MB to spatialhub@improvementservice.org.uk for manual upload.